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Laan E-Cig Cigar Style Premium Vape with Temperature Control

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AVE40 쪽지보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물  (67.*.97.53) 작성일 님이 2017년 12월 07일 11시 42분 에 작성하신 글입니다 107 읽음


Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W has the nice performance in turning in clouds of taste. Constructed out of the simple metal tube whilst covered with top rate leather-based, Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W adopts the all-in-one style and consists of numerous predominant elements, which include a cap, a integrated sub-ohm tank, and a pod body fabricated from steel. Shanlaan Laan Pod Mod 40W has some newly- updated capabilities and designs in evaluation to different comparable merchandise in the pod pen market. This transportable and lightweight package functions a % pin connection, top airflow, top filling system.
In addition to those, what surprises us is that it has a flip-open USB port at the lowest. This kit is completely button-loose and adopts a toddler Lock. A small mild is geared up to show the battery stage through converting. Shanlaan Laan is well suited with IOS machine as well as Android System through Bluetooth connection. The Lann App may be downloaded for your telephone to reveal and regulate this tool’s electricity output, temperature settings, or maybe prompt the child lock gadget.


Touch more details of shanlaan by unboxing video here:

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